Mazi Sainik Shikshan Ani Swasthya Kalyan Sanstha

Quality Statement

Our Aim Is To Impart The Best World Class Knowledge With The Necessary Facilities Of The Highest Quality Standards.

Targets 2017 -18 relevant to the Mission

Requirements for quality delivery of Education both Academic and Health

1. Complete the building up to the first floor.

2. Increase the number of Smart classes to 6

3. Set up the library cum reading room and inculcate reading.

4. Set up recreational room with chess, board games

5. Obtain science lab kits from Ms Swati Bedekar and Set up science labs .

6. Obtain Lingua phone kits and Set up English language proficiency training for teachers and students

7. Introduce Sanskrit as a language.

8. Introduce one foreign language.

9. Augment the IT skill training center

10. Explore other soft skills training.

11. Start Scouts, Guides, Cubs

12. Introduce Malkhamb

13. Augment Karate with self defence technique, martial arts and yoga.

14. Augment security with CCTV remote access.

15. Set up solar power panels.

16. Obtain and install one RO Water purifier.

17. Free Wi-Fi.

18. Set up a Self sustaining funding program.

19. Acquire 2 more school buses.

20. Acquire one car/van for staff.

21. Set up mobile school and health care

22. Set up medical and nutrition cum health hygiene and sanitation education center.

23. Set up generic medicine dispensary.

24. Set up media interaction PR facility.

25. Set up Bank accounts for all teachers, staff and standardise digital transactions.

26. Ensure all relevant reports are dispatched within 30 days of their due date.

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