Mazi Sainik Shikshan Ani Swasthya Kalyan Sanstha

Mssasks- project for augmenting health and hygiene facilities at “daffodils” area 1

  1. The sketch below is a true architectural representation of the school “Daffodils” run by the MSSASKS Trust. There is an existing structure marked in this sketch at the right bottom left. This structure is temporary. It is proposed to develop this into a Dispensary, health & Hygiene center as per the proposal described in succeeding paragraphs.

  2. Area available is 30*30 square feet. Each room of the school except the hall is 20*14 sq ft. If we maintain congruity with the school structure, we will be able to build four rooms in a Ground + one structure. This will give us enough space for a medical Doctor, Pharma store, and Dispensing area with a mini medical emergency/recovery room.

  3. The cost of construction in this area is approximately Rs 5 lacs (Euro 8500) per room of 20*14 Sq. ft.

  4. The construction will take about four months in fair weather which is now to early July and then End September onwards.

  5. An approved architect plan will be made before construction

  6. The facility will benefit the poor villagers and their families in addition to the school children.

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