Mazi Sainik Shikshan Ani Swasthya Kalyan Sanstha

Dream For Tommorow

  • Add One Higher Standard Every Year. There Is An Urgent Need For A Large School Building Upto Xii Standard..
  • Build One Stadium With A Swimming Pool & Indoor Sports Facilities.
  • Provide Literacy Facilities For Mother’s Of The Children & Other Women & Even Men Of The Village.
  • Take Learning To Doorstep Through “ Mobile Education On Wheels”
  • Create Medical & Healthcare Facilities For The Villagers.
  • Create Vocational & Employment Opportunities For Children & Villagers.
  • Create Facilities For Rehabilitating Challenged Children
  • Provide A Mobile Medical & Health Check Up Van To Visit Villages Periodically.
  • Create & Maintain Clean Drinking Water Facilities, Toilets, Hygienic Living Conditions In Villages
  • Create Facilities For The Comfort Of The Underprivileged & Senior Citizen.
  • Facilitate scholarships in educational institution within India and abroad



1. Help children coming out of prostitution to get a better life and help them to integrate into the normal Society.

2. Build a continuum for generational upliftment.


Facilitate a perspective on a descent future to dis advantaged & abused children by resocialization through empowerment with skills, understanding and education to enable them to build their own future in the Society.


  • 1. Children in slums of urban Mumbai and the Rural surrounding areas.
  • 2. Children abused by low caste classification.
  • 3. Children to Prostitution


MSSASKS is a REGISTERED Trust with the Charity Commissioner. It is in operation for the past 15 years. It is running a school for the underprivileged children of the Tribal and rural folk at a village approximately 120 Kms from the famous Victoria Terminus (aka CST) of Mumbai.

MSSASKS, has educated near 200 children during its existence through its own school called “DAFFODILS” since 2004. At present the school is running classes up to grade VIII. It is the pioneering English medium school in this location. The school has its own land and building with plans to expand up to Grade XII of the Indian Educational System. The teaching staff is all female crew of Graduate, post Grad and Diploma in Child Education.

MSSASKS has the requisite experience and skill in management of education, learning and literacy. There is expert talent amongst the Trustees in the field of Education. One of the Trustees is a member of the National council for educational research and training (NCERT) which is a National Body in India.

MSSASKS prides itself of a set of Trustees who take no remuneration or Honorarium. They are bound umbilically by their selfless desire to volunteer service.


MSSASKS appreciates the need to protect the target children from the evil and nefarious elements of the society, which is primarily responsible for their degradation.

Therefore, MSSASKS has conducted a reccee over the past six months and identified location(s). The primary criteria for selection is its secure isolatedlocation, abundance of the bounties of Nature’s, possibilities of natural water supply and erection of renewable sources of energy, a buildable terrain to erect accommodation and related infrastructureetc.

The selected area will be identified by MSSASKS as Project Area 2. Area 1 Is the place where the current activities are in progress.

MSSASKS envisages infrastructure for accommodation, education will be in harmony of its surroundings and will merge in the environment as a rural village. The entire complex would be in approximately 40 Acres. This land acquisition will be a strong non movable asset. It will cushion the organization against rise in prices and will provide for expansion of the Project.

It will have its own garden, fruits and vegetable, poultry farm etc. There will be minimal contact with the urban area.

It will have secure boundary and fencing. We intend to have monitoring CCTVs in and around the perimeter.

The Project will have dedicated transports comprising a mix of all terrain and specialist vehicle. The area will have its own dispensary and path labs with a health center. The health center will have a dedicated counseling staff and expert visiting psychiatrists and psychologists. These persons will interact with both the resident staff and the children. The Staff will be carefully selected. MSSASKS proposes to invite suitable support of experts from foreign countries.


The brief on this isEnclosed as follows:-

  • 1. Option one.
  • 2. Option two


The projected cost will be around approx. Euro 340000.00 (Rs. 200Crores). This will include land acquisition, development, corpus funds, reserve funds, sinking funds. Running costs will depend on the strength. Detailed financial proposal will be forwarded on approval in principle of the proposal at your end.

The Fund requirement will be staggered to meet approved deadlines. Provisions will be made for unforeseen requirements.

A schedule of activities will be drawn up. It will be made as binding as feasible.

Regular monitoring and assessment will be done by an identified team consisting of the Donor and MSSASKS.

MSSASKS is approved to receive foreign contributions by the competent authorities of the GoI for a period of five (5) years from 2012, Nov. The approval directs all donations to be a direct transfer to the designated bank account of MSSASKS. You can donate online with your Credit Cards, Debit Cards, AMEX through Paypal. Paypal Donations are very secure and safe.

Wire transfer through Banks like ICICI, CITI, HSBC, SBI, ANDHRA BANK, AXIS BANK, HDFC, YES BANK which have branches abroad and India are convenient.

The specific purpose approved for donation is “EDUCATION”

Vocational Education

1.Security Personnel Training.

1.1 Introduction: No initiative of empowerment is effective if it cannot ensure a dignified future in continuum. Therefore, MASSKS proposes to promote vocational education. The core requirement of the Nation today is of able bodied youth who are committed to the Nation, imbibe the concept of a unified country, and are disciplined. They should be fit for service as jawansin uniformed Forces as well as be natural disaster managers,and keepers of the conscience.

1.2 Cost. The cost of training will be Rs. 15000/= per trainee per month paid in advance without refund. This will include group insurance through a reputed agency.

1.3 Duration. The duration will be 3 Months 24*7, residential.

1.4 Concessions. Youth from extreme poverty category will be trained free of charge. Provision will be made to safeguard their dignity by suitable scheme wherein they will opt to repay their expenses by sponsoring two youth in similar circumstances once they find employment. An Official document with photo identity such as Adhaar Card will be required. Spot checks will be done to ensure authenticity. Police case will be lodged under IPC Section 420 ( Cheating) wherever applicable.

1.5 Enhancements. Efforts will be made to equip all trainees with computer skills in basic MS Office as well as writing and reading English and Hindi language. Basic mathematics and science will be revised. National and State history will be reinforced.

1.6 Target. The entire training will be in line with requirements of the SSBs of the Military and the selection for Police and allied Security agencies. We intend to enter into MoUs with various Security providers for employment.

1.7 Additional. We will attempt to give the trainees a chance at firing small Arms with the help of the Police.It is proposed to set up a facility to train selected youth.

1.8 Venue. The premises will be at Diksal village as an experimental venue.

1.9 Facilities. It is proposed to use the classrooms of Daffodils for indoor instructions, the terrain in vicinity for outdoor training, set up a gym for body building and hire the row houses for lodging and boarding.

The facility will be advertised in the media, both electronic and the newspapers as well as through leaflets distributed in the villages.

2. Soft Skills training.

The second vocational training will be in Soft Skills. This will mainly aim at women and girls. This will comprise of IT training. We will tie up with NIIT and NITIE. All ladies will get self-defence training.

The estimated cost of a pilot project will be Rs. 15 Lacs.

Each trainee will pay Rs.15000 per month collected in advance without any refund. Arrangement for Bank Loans will be facilitated.

The third initiative will be an all Mahila Bank of, for and by rural women. This will be done with the help of the Bank at Thane.

Fourth is Agro initiative to raise per hectare yield.

Fifth is water harvesting by designing augmented facility of Daffodils accordingly.

Sixth is electric power self sufficiency and independence through Solar power DIT (do it yourself) program.

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In Short, The Trust Has A Dream To Make Each Village An Ideal Place In Times To Come.

We Hope To Realise With Your Cooperation

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