Mazi Sainik Shikshan Ani Swasthya Kalyan Sanstha

Achievements since 2003


The Trust has empowered villagers in the field of education, drinking water, health & hygiene, food, transportation, medical, e-learning, clothing for women. Year wise activities are as follows:-


  • Construction of 2 room self-contained dwelling units for Veterans and the needy
  • Education awareness programs in 22 villages
  • Coaching classes for 30 children from pre- primary
  • Construction of free play park for children
  • Purchase class room furniture for 100 students
  • Free medical check up for the children and villagers
  • Recruitment of one villager in the India Army
  • Employed 2 lady teachers and 2 staff from local resources


  • Admitted90 children to school for pre primary classes
  • Free medical care to students
  • Free mid day meals to students
  • Free school 2 sets ofuniforms, shoes, socks, schoolbags, text books,note books, water bottles
  • Full monetary support to three needy girl children to fulfill graduation
  • Supported marriage of poor girl
  • Provided decent food facility at nominal rates to villagers
  • Facilitated pension to needy widow


  • School strength rises to 138
  • Students participate in biter and intranet school competition and win prizes
  • Free medical care for children
  • Provided SUV for children
  • Rehabilitation grant of Rs one Lac to disabled Veteran from the Indian Army
  • Increased teaching staff to 5 ladies from local resources
  • Employed 1 driver from local sources


  • Dug a well for drinking water
  • Upgraded school park
  • Free flood relief to villagers
  • Free medical care for students
  • Strength of children in education and learning rises to 155
  • Increased teaching staff to 7 ladies from local resources
  • Karate classes by head constable Prafull Agawane


  • 22seater bus for children
  • Concrete building of one Hall, 6 Class rooms, independent wash rooms for boys and girl students. Total area 5000 Sq Ft
  • Land acquired 80712 Sq Ft
  • Distribution of saris ( clothing apparel) free to poor women folk
  • Employed 2 more drivers from local sources


  • School picnic on two occasions in scenic areas
  • Free medical camp
  • Free rain wear of raincoats and umbrellas to children, teachers & staff
  • Free uniform, school bags, water bottles, instrument boxes, pencils, erasers, note books, text books


  • Free medical camps
  • Presentations to various Corporate Bodies for donations under CSR


  • Free self employment training to poor village women
  • 5Desk top computers to school for IT training
  • Bolero SUV for school


  • Free eye camp for villagers
  • 2wall mounted TVs with TATA -SKY connection for e-learning
  • Extended school building by Additional floor space of 2240 Sq Ft in 6 class rooms


  • Received approval for FCRA
  • Excursion for children and staff to Mumbai Planetarium, Aquarium, Museum, Gateway
  • Picnic for school children outdoor location in Resort
  • Grandparents day on 14 Sep


Literacy initiative

self Defence Technique

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