Mazi Sainik Shikshan Ani Swasthya Kalyan Sanstha

About School

In 2004, an educational Project was conceived. It was named as Daffodils. It was started in the row houses. Tiny tots from the tribals have been introduced to the Nursery and KG Standards. Education has been given in English language as per a conscious decision. However both Hindi and Marathi have continued in keeping with the National language policy. One standard has been added each academic year with the contributions of those whose heart bleeds for their fellow citizens and the ESMs.

In 2007, a concrete school building of 4 classrooms, a hall and toilets for girls and boys was donated in kind by the Think Foundation of Mr. Sandeep Tungare (Chairman) a philanthropist and Mr. Vijay Daftadar (Project Director).

In 2011, six additional class were added courtsey Indo-Dutch Foundation.

Today, besides the above, the school has an open playground, a temporary mess hall-cum-pantry, an open space for assembly and allied purposes. The school also has one Sumo utility vehicle.This vehicleiused to ply within a radius of 45 kms bringing children from their homes and returning them to the safe arms of their guardians every day, five (5) days a week.

There are six teachers and one headmistress who dedicate their valuable time to impart education and two maids in attendence. Their take home pay is laughable and does not merit mention to safeguard the name of the word education, largely due to inadequacy of funds. Their sacrifice in these materialistic times is praiseworthy.

The children speak good English, Hindi, and Marathi.. They have won certificates and prizes in local taluka competitions. Their diction and pronunciation in language is as good if not better than those in the metro. This is a matter of pride and satisfaction for all.

The entire Project was funded initially through contributions of the ESMs. Today there is response from Donors. However the gap between supply and demand is increasing. Nonetheless we maintain optimism.

Future Plans

Our plan is to simply follow through this Project to its logical culmination with a college and vocational qualification.

We intend to add one classroom every academic year and provide allied facilities.

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