Mazi Sainik Shikshan Ani Swasthya Kalyan Sanstha

About Us

The Mazi Sainik Shishan ani Swasthya Kalyan Sanstha (MSSASKS) is a charitable Trust. It has been established by ex servicemen (ESMs) and like minded civilians. The genesis of the Trust lies with the formation of the Bombay Ex servicemen Association in 1990. This Organisation has been established by Mr. M Prasad a retired Masterchief of the Indian Navy, Capt Sharma (Indian Army) and others with Cmde. BB Mistry (retd) as the Patron, inspiration, mentor and guide. By 2004 the Association had been successful in the rehab of 300 ESMs and had settled the problems related to pensions of 15 dependents.

In 1994, a plan to establish a Sainik Nagar to provide affordable housing to ESMs was launched and land acquired near Karjat about 120 Kms from Bombay for a pilot Project. After numerous hitches and hurdles the Project commenced. Today there are 15 row houses with the PBORs and like minded civilians at the lowest possible cost to owner.

The location of this Project is at village Diksal. During those days the area was God forsaken. Continuous visits in connection with the housing Project brought the ESMs in contact with the inhabitants.

The locals were mainly Tribals, underprivileged and the marginalized. Electricity, clean drinking water, facilities for health, hygiene, and education was a far cry. The people wallowed in neglect and accepted destitution as their fate.

Mr. Prasad and the ESMs decided to dedicate time and effort to improve the lot of the locals. They embraced them as their own.

Thus, in 1998, MSSASKS was born with no money but full of zeal and determination. Various small initiatives were undertaken as confidence building measures (CBMs). The trust of the locals was thus gained.

In 2004, an educational Project was conceived. It was named as Daffodils. It was started in the row houses. Tiny tots from the tribals were introduced to the Nursery and KG Standards. Education was given in English language as per a conscious decision. However Hindi and Marathi were both continued in keeping with the National language policy. One standard was added each academic year with the contributions of those whose heart bleeds for their fellow citizens and the ESMs

The school has since grown in aconsonance of a policy decision to add one class every year.

All donations in Indian Rupee are exempt under Sec 80G of the ITAct. PAN Card details will be required for donations above Rs 10000.00 ( Ten Thousand) as per the law of the land.

The Trust can receive donations in Foreign exchange as per the guide lines of the FCRA Act. All donations are to be transferred to the Bank of the Trust. Information of Bankers and account will be provide on demand by the Contacs highlighted below.

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